Best Makeup Brushes & Tips On How To Keep Them Clean at home

A huge range of makeup brushes are available in the market by renowned brands for lending flawless makeup to the owners. These branded brushes are highly qualitative in terms of fibre quality, bristles gripping, and firmness in sticking the product. Above all, they bestow you with a makeup that you will cherish forever. So you can go for the branded ones or make a combo of the ones which not only gives you the desired results but fit in your budget too.

But if you do not take the best care of these makeup brushes, then you are sure to lose your favorite beauty blenders soon. Polish up your knowledge with this special guide on types of makeup brushes and ways to keep them safe. So, are you ready to transform yourself from simple to stylish?

Types of Brush Textures

  1. Natural Bristle Brushes

Natural bristle brushes are made up of animal hair and so they are quite pricey. The best quality about these brushes is that the products stick to them firmly and thus blending is done in an amazing way. If you are thinking to buy one, then Sonia Kashuk gives you the best of all. Unluckily, these natural bristles make up brushes have a tendency to slough. Even the cleanliness of these brushes is a challenge due to the quantity of pigment they catch. As word of caution, do take care in case you are allergic to animal hair as they are originally made up of them.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Next that comes is; Synthetic bristle make up brushes. Though it is pretty easy and quick to make coating with natural bristle brushes but for the ones who are allergic or do not prefer to use animal hair, then synthetic bristle brushes are just the right choice. Comparatively, they fit in your budget much easily and do not require extra efforts for cleaning. Many people have the views that the synthetic brushes are not as soft as natural ones but then the choice differs from person to person.

Types Of Makeup Brushes

There is wide range of types of makeup brushes in the world of beauty to enhance your look from every angle. But here we will highlight few of those makeup brushes that are used most commonly. Check them out:

Duo Fibre Brush

Burnishing and blending colors is the peculiarity of this duo fibre makeup brush. Its hair is an accumulation of synthetic fibre and blend of goat which are extremely light in weight. With a flat and round feathered head, this duo fibre makeup brush strikes amazingly with any cream, liquid or powder to bestow a tinge of luminance to the brow bones and cheek.

Foundation Brush

A perfect foundation makeup brush lends your makeup with a flawless finishing. Its specialty is hidden in its bristles which are firmly packed with the help of a pointed tip for applying foundation.  First of all; moisten your foundation brush in lukewarm water and properly squeeze the surplus water over a tissue or towel. This will enable you to attain a much better and even distribution overall.

Blusher Brush

The apples of your cheeks get a perfect highlight with this circular headed blusher makeup brush. The delicate fibers blend and swing on your cheekbones so elegantly that it delineates the brush upwards within the hairline.

Concealer Or Camouflage Brush

A concealer makeup brush also known as camouflage brush is the best way to add the magic of makeup by applying concealer underneath the eyes and spots. It is a flat makeup brush which has a sharpened tip, broader base and gentle bristles. It also assists in treating the camouflage affected areas like portions of discoloration and cracked capillaries.

Bronzer/Powder Brush

This makeup brush works ‘two in one’. It can be used for both; bronzer and compact powder. The bristles of this powder makeup brush are smooth and so plentiful that it lifts up the perfect measure of color without leaving any faults behind. The circular design of this brush enables it to spread the bronzer or powder very cleanly over the skin. All you need to do is to blow away the extra powder from the brush before swinging it over the skin.

Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow makeup brush has a chamfered edge which allows it to confer a fluent application without embroiling the eyelid. It is short, flat and brimful of bristles which cover it superbly for an even application. It makes the task of putting color much easier and better.

Makeup Brush For Eyebrows

The firm bristles of this spiral shaped eyebrow brush masters for reclaiming the unmanaged hairs. It organizes the eyebrows well into shape by brushing them in the upwards direction. If required trimming can be done for the excess growing eyebrow hair to attain a neatened eyebrow look.

Smudge Brush For Makeup

Smudge makeup brush is basically a sort of eye pencil with the double ends. The tip of this brush is frothy and foamy which helps in softening the abrasive line of the pencil thereby rendering a smoldering touch to the eyebrows. In addition, you can apply eye shadow with the larger one end.

Lip Brush

The short and stiff bristles of this lip brush forms a graven tip on the top. This helps in imparting an unflawed line to the lips that too with the utmost perfection. Now let’s learn on the cleaning methods of the makeup brushes.

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How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home?

Mainly, there are two methods that are considered safe and quick to clean the brushes at home.

1. Spot Cleaning

Simplest and Speediest! If you are running short of time, then spot cleaning is the right method you can opt for. During eye makeup; there are times when artists run short of available brushes. All that is needed at that time is clean brush.  Thus, spot cleaning is the only way to come out of the trouble. And such brushes can be cleaned easily on the spot.

What Are The Requisites For The Cleaning Of Makeup Brushes?

  1. Paper Towel tops the list.
  2. Then comes is makeup brush cleaner. MAC, Clinique and ELF are all the amaze balls.

Methods To Spot Clean The Makeup Brushes With The Help Of ELF Brush Bleaner:

  1. Spot Cleaning Process:
  • Select your product: Makeup brush cleaner is what all you need.
  • Make your brushes wet: Dampen the brush by spraying the product on the brush.
  • Whirl on paper towel: Lightly whirl the makeup brush over the paper towel. You need to twiddle until the product is popped off from the brush.
  • Replicate the steps: get rid of extra moistness and replicate the same steps with the other brushes.
  1. Deep Cleaning Process:

Spot cleaning is just not enough if you want your brushes to be thoroughly cleaned. Foundation brush is one such makeup brush where the remains are still found even after done with spot cleaning process. Hence, deep cleaning is compulsory. Deep cleaning process ensures that your makeup brushes are completely devoid of any sort of remains which later turns out to be bacteria.

Essentials required for cleaning of makeup brushes:

  • Olive oil
  • A soft baby shampoo or dish soap
  • Vinegar (if you wish to)
  • Paper Towels
  • A soft bar shop
  • Gloves or Cleaning Brush Silicon Mat (it is optional)

What is the proper way to deep cleanse makeup brushes with a gently dish soap or baby shampoo?

  1. Pick your product: Using glove is optional so you can squelch little baby shampoo over your hand along with a drop of olive oil. It assists in keeping the brushes firm and moisturized. Also add few drops of vinegar if you wish. If the number of brushes to clean is more then you should prefer buying a silicon cleaning glove. These silicon gloves won’t make your hands go dry.
  2. Choose your cleaning surface: Your cleaning surface could be either a silicon mat or a silicon glove. Gently whirl your brush over the squeezed shampoo.

III.            Mildly rinse: Put your makeup brush under the flowing water of tap once you have enormously removed the traces hidden in it. To save the bristles of the brush from any sort of damage, make sure the temperature of water is not too hot. Also, the pressure of water should not be too much.

  1. Use a paper towel to clean it and let it dry: Squash surplus water from the brushes. Use a paper towel to dry them and then lay them down for whole night so that they can dry completely.

What Is The Right Way To Deep Clean Makeup Sponges?

Beauty blenders need an in-depth cleaning too; so do not miss it. Here comes the usage of soap bar.

  1. Choose your soap bar: soap bar makes your task of cleaning beauty blender much simpler.
  2. Select cleaning surface of your choice: Twiddle the sponge over the bar to acquire soap. Once done, whirl it over your hand or gloves.

III.            Wash: Wash the brushes properly beneath the tap water and assure that all the makeup is rinsed.

  1. Recur the same: If needed then repeat the full process.
  2. Let it dry: Squeeze the extra water in the brushes and let it dry all-night.

The cleaning of every makeup brush is completely your responsibility when you are using it. If you expect something to give you the best results then taking care of them is equally important from your end. If you ensure time to time cleaning of these makeup brushes then you will have to never regret on spending good amount on such beauty enhancing products. The cleanup of makeup brushes make sure that your skin always remains healthy and beautiful. There are many good brands which sell brush cleaners as well so do not forget to buy one along with these makeup brushes. This will make your task quicker and easier.

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How Often Should The Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned?

How often should the makeup brushes be cleaned? This is an important question that needs to be answered. One must keep all the information up to date on records. Bacteria develop in the unclean brushes very quickly. Hence, cleaning of makeup brushes should be done each and every day without a miss. This will always help to stay hygienic and healthy skinned. But it happens that due to hectic schedule of our daily lives this is not always possible. So, if not daily then cleaning process should be done at least twice a week.

But there is no escape for those who have a delicate and sensitive skin. Either they have to follow the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes daily or they have to keep ample brushes so that they can use different brush daily. Do not use the used brushes without cleaning at all.

Take care of few safeguards and tips that will be a real help to you in the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes:

Safeguards and tips to be followed for the proper maintenance of makeup brushes:

  • Always keep an arrangement for backup brushes by keeping two sets of brushes. This will help you when one set will need cleaning.
  • Never make brushes stand in upwards direction while putting them for dry. If you put this way, the water will flow inwards towards the glue part which holds the bristles firmly. Thus it will weaken the grip by letting the brushes exuviate faster.
  • Here comes a reminder. If your skin is delicate or prone to acne, then always make the use of new brushes only. Never use the unwashed ones.
  • Keep doing deep cleaning on regular intervals.
  • Mark your calendar for cleaning your brushes every weekend. Book some time in particular for this task. To make it enjoyable, put some soothing music on and then begin with cleaning.

Well, we hope that after understanding the importance of cleaning makeup brushes; you will never miss out on this important task ever. Make it interesting by doing it along with chatting with your beloved, conversing with your kids or listening to some good music. Let it be a stress buster rather than a bothersome task.

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