How to Make Your Car Smart Enough to Protect Tyre Theft With Gps Vehicle Tracking System

“It hardly takes 5 minutes for thieves to steal Car Tyre ”

Vehicle theft is very frequent and it happens all around the globe. However, there is another kind of theft to whom cars are much vulnerable and that is Tyre theft which usually remains unnoticed. In general the risk of Tyre or Rim theft is directly proportional to how much expensive they are.

Tyre thieves work in tandem like a pit crew in car race track where in the blink of an eye they change the entire four tires. Similarly Tyre Jackers fly away with Tyres or Rims with in minutes leaving car owners in shock and considerable financial loss.

Prevention Methods:

Always park the car in the garage as it works like an obstacle for thieves, because it is tough for them to barge into the garage and steal the car Tyre.

When go out for shopping or any other public area, whenever possible try to park in CCTV surveillance areas or in ares with considerable traffic. This restricts the thieves from indulging in malpractice.

Most common but most neglected vehicle tire theft prevention method is to turn wheels when parking the vehicle. It makes the tires stuck in the wheel wall and if steering is locked it becomes difficult for thieves to open the rims / tires as car jack or screw drivers would be tough to use.

Use of GPS Anti Car Tyre Theft Device : A GPS Vehicle Tracking device equipped with anti vehicle tyre theft system is the best and most assured way to protect tyre thefts. This device sends alerts on your mobile phone when tires get tilted during theft attempt.

Although there are a number of ways to prevent tire thefts, when everything around you is getting smart, why not your car?

So make your beloved car smart enough and install GPS Car Tracker device with anti tire theft system so that when anyone tries to steal your vehicle tires your car itself call you to prevent theft.

Puma Guard is the best GPS Vehicle Tracker in Chandigarh, India that offers unique feature of voice call alerts in case of car tyre theft attempt (not only the SMS alerts)

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