Ten Myths about Creation of the First Woman

Histories of every part of the world have innumerous mythological stories. These mythological stories were passed on from generation to generation before they were recorded in writing. They narrate interesting details about the creation of human beings. It is really very interesting to know how the first man and woman were created. When we analyze these mythological stories we can find a connecting chord lying underneath these myths.

Ten mythologies about creation of the first woman 

1) Satrupa, the first woman of Hindu myths

Though Hinduism does not specify about the creation of women, mythological stories say that Brahman, the Lord of all creations, created Satrupa from his own body and caused to create everything afterwards. Satrupa means “a face of hundred beauties”. She is also called Saraswathi, Gayathri, sandy and other names.

2) Biblical mythology: Eve the first woman

According to the Bible, Eve is hailed as the first woman ever created. “Yahweh God said, “It is not good for Man to be alone. I will give him a helper who will be like him.” (Genesis 2: 18) This made God create the first woman. “Then Yahweh caused a deep sleep to come over Man and he fell asleep. He took one of his ribs and filled its place with flesh. The rib which Yahweh had taken from Man he formed into a woman and brought her to the man. The man then said, “Now this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. She shall be called woman because she was taken from man.” (Genesis 2:21-23)

3) Jewish and Islamic tradition: Lilith the first woman

Jewish mythologies have many of their roots in Egyptian mythology. Jewish traditions say Lilith preceded Eve and gave birth to many progenies. Apocrapha traditions say that Lilith gave birth to many through Adam before Eve.

4) Greek mythology: Pandora

According to the Greek mythology detailed by Hesiod, Pandora, which in ancient Greek means ‘gift’ or ‘endowed gift’, was the first woman of all creations. The mythological legends say that each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus tomold her out of the earth as part of punishing the mankind for Prometheus’ theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering her ‘seductive gifts’. 
The other name of Pandora, inscribed against her figure on a white ground is Anesidora, which means, “she who sends up gifts,” According to this Greek myth, Pandora opened a jar, which is described in modern accounts and sometimes mistranslated as “Pandora’s box” releasing all the evils of mankind, when Pandora opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.

5)Embla the first woman in Norse mythology

According to the Norse mythology, Ask and Embla were the first man and woman of creations created by gods. Earlier traditional sources state that three gods, one of whom is Odin, find Ask and Embla, the first man and woman, and bestow upon them various corporeal and spiritual gifts. A number of theories have been proposed to explain these two figures through various legends, and there are also occasional references to them in popular culture.

6) Kikuyu myth of Africa: Mumbi, the first woman

In Kikuyu mythology of Africa, Mumbi is the mythological figure regarded as the mother of the Gikuyu people. The word Mumbi means, “One who moulds.” She was the wife of Gikuyu, and the ancestor of all the “Agikuyi” people. The story of Gikuyu and Mumbi has been recorded by various writers throughout the Gikuyu history of African legends.

7) Waramurungundi, the first woman of Australian myths

According to the mythologies of ancient Australia Waramurungundi was the first woman created. Aboriginal mythology of Australia, namely Gunwinggu, Wurugag and Waramurungundi are the first man and woman, created respectively and Waramurungundi gave birth to allliving beings and taught language to the people of Australia.

8) Mikoto, the first woman of Shintoism in Japan

According to Shintoism of Japan, all the myriad gods called Izanagi-no-Mikoto, the first male and Izanami-no-Mikoto, the first female and asked them to help each other to create a new land which was to become Japan. The legends say that they were given a spear with which they stirred the water, and when removed water dripped from the end, an island was created in the great nothingness. There are mythological stories that when they wished to bear offspring, they performed a ritual each rounding a pole, male to the left and female to the right, the female greeting the male first. 

9) Egyptian myth

In Egyptian mythology there are a lot of stories about creation of gods and goddesses and incourse of time humans. According to one myth, the first humans were created by Khum, the ram-headed god, fashioning a person out of the clay from the silt of the Nile who made them on a potter’s wheel. 

10) The first woman of Mayan Mythology

Mayan mythological stories say that humans were created after the animals. One myth says that the first creation of humans failed since they were made of earth and mud that soaked up water and dissolved. The second humans were created from wood and they did not have mind or soul. At last Animals gathered white and yellow corn from which the gods created four men Balam-Quitze, Jaguar Night, Naught, and Wind Jaguar and four women were created as their four wives later, while those men were sleeping.

Mythological stories about the creation of women are found in abundance in various traditions. It is really interesting to know their details. It enables also about the trends of various cultures.

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