Visnjic goes for a beer on a camel

Kalinovac, the small municipality in Croatia was recreated into desert, only for the shooting of the ‘General’. It is located in the north-eastern part of Croatia, near the border with Hungary. The Hollywood actor Goran Visnjic is playing a legion-commander there. He plays the famous Croatian General Ante Gotovina, and in Kalinovac the crew recreates the general’s warrior scenes from the Algerian desert. 3 camels named Georgia, Dina and Tomica, were brought on set especially for the desert scenes.

In the Fort in the older part of town, the ‘General’ film crew has recorded the needed desert scenes. Dina and Tomica, the well-known camels, will also appear in the scenes with the star of the film Goran Visnjic. They were the main attraction of the then Ethno village.

“I can hardly wait to end with the shooting and to get some shade and drink a beer”, said Goran Visnjic, the “General” on HRT’s film set.

The Hollywood actor recorded all of the desert scenes in Kalinovac, recreating the legionary days of Ante Gotovina. Film director Antun Vrdoljak wanted to capture the magic of the desert and glorify the military record of the famous general. Gotovina joined the French Foreign Legion in his twenties, and participated in military operations in Algeria.

While shooting, because of the high temperatures like in a real African desert, Goran (Gotovina) had to put on the Green Beret. Makeup artists were on constantly working, as the makeup of all the actors on set had to be carefully remade because of their sweat. Georgia and Dina were waiting for their generals patiently in the heat…

Visnjic complained to his fans that he missed his home in L.A. and was barely waiting to get back there. He came to Croatia in late February and shot the very first scenes with Boris Svrtan in the Lika mountain region.

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